Zoe Chang Front-End Developer

Hello, thanks for visiting my portfolio site! Here you can see all the proud work I've done over the past years. I specialize in web development, email production, responsive design, templates and layout, landing pages, microsites, content management systems, computer graphics imaging, and content optimization.

My name is Zoe Chang. I'm a front-end developer with years of experience with a combination of email and web technical skills who understands the digital marketing space and has an eye for design.


I happened to be someone who is both technical and creative with a strong sense of aesthetics, logics, and liguistics. Understanding the systematic concept of the end-to-end processes when it comes to coding and designing is important to a front-end developer. Working on email templates often requires hacking the technological limitations and yet the web medium has unlimited potentials — I'm fortunate to have experiences in both.

I've been building static/dynamic email templates for years, but my interest in user interaction has broadened my horizons to build reactive single web page app. I've learned to build my first Vue.js app in 2 weeks. I've gotten deeper into Node.js by my curiosity of how to send emails via web and started to understand the email server-side stories. I've gained a good grasp of APIs and web services when I learned how to stream my own music from the animated web page I designed. I'm constantly learning new techs and their integrations.

Building web pages by extreme lightweight code for output efficiency and optimizing user experience are my strengths as a coder. Technology evolves rapidly but I can learn fast. I'm a big picture yet meticulous person by nature and always aim at delivering high-quality products to meet my clients' goals and business objectives.

Software Stack

I've used many, many technologies. These are the ones that I'm most skilled at, constantly learning (with the most current updates), and feel most comfortable using.

HTML5 and CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Sass and Less Git Adobe Creative Cloud Sketch MailChimp Marketo SquareSpace WordPress Vue.js